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Excerpt from William Wordsworth’s ‘The Recluse’:

I came not dreaming of unruffled life,
Untainted manners; born among the hills,
Bred also there, I wanted not a scale
To regulate my hopes; pleased with the good
I shrink not from the evil with disgust,
Or with immoderate pain. I look for Man,
The common creature of the brotherhood,
Differing but little from the Man elsewhere,
For selfishness and envy and revenge,
Ill neighborhood - pity that this should be -
Flattery and double-dealing, strife and wrong.


To the cold weather 2017 edition of Our Architecture

On the cover we are lucky to have Anthony Hopkins
in his guise as a top model. The picture was taken,
with a Samsung Galaxy J3,
on Via dei Condotti, Rome, 12 11 2017.




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