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If it is not a bloody miracle, then what is depth? There is depth all around in space. It is what it feels like to be human. Space. It is a domain of made up of strangers. How else could it be? To an existentialist life is what it is in what seems to be a collective experience inside the personal perceptions of the public minded and the private being. That I think is what is sometimes called Architecture; not something outside oneself but that which is lived inside your conscious domain. But what architecture is: is not necessarily that overarching schema but how the actual objective details are made.

Some say to take responsibility for both the bad and the good which means that one is an accomplice in mass murder as well as the construction of the botanical gardens. Somebody had to walk in onto the stage and pull the trigger while somewhere else, a poem was being read beside a palm tree. The oppressed becomes the oppressor. We revolve.

There are people, even in 2018, who believe that upon taking on a senior managerial position, their job is to go around giving orders to those under them. The will to power is a defect very common to people of all ages and persuasions. I believe that a competence hierarchy works best in making things well.

Convictions, exist in abundance in societies that prize their culture as an ethnocentric event. An immigrant however can move into the adopted culture, if that culture runs deep, generally by being helpful, friendly, linguistically corteous and by being interested, better still, by enjoying it. Whether one should have been allowed in, in the first place, is totally another kind of question.

Convictions have the intent of preference, something which, on many issues, resides in the unconscious. If one prefers the taste of corn over wheat, how can that be a 'conscious' event, yet one is always convinced of a true preference.

In the middle of the River Tevere, there is an island that divides the flow in two at the pointed helm. The part that turns left crashes into a wall some hundred metres up. Yes, this island is like a permanent ship sailing against the unceasing tide. Here the 3 dimensions, each taking its turn, roll out yet another layer of meaning.


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