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Palazzo Te is the only building in the world that questions its own being. Inside the hall of giants debris falls, boulders crushing down but some inexplicable opposing force takes the the saved upwards. When architects were painters such were the stuff of their dreams.

Reality, neither from desire nor denial is made. It is directed, by actions, to a particular form and shape.

Yet, no matter how much we bargain with the future - a greater force with the power to crush all before it may still prevail.

There are infinite points of view and yet someone is always at the centre of a point of view. Everyone can do something about that, maybe even try to exert some little control over its contents.

By this deduction, a plausible meaning of beauty (in a generalised abstraction) could be defined as the thing which looks good from all points of view. A thing that the mind happily accepts. Beauty is agreeable. Perforce!


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